When uploading photos to your childcare.center page, it's important to optimize them for web use. This means compressing the images to reduce their file size while maintaining good image quality. Here are a few free image optimization tools that can help you compress your images:

  • TinyPNG: This tool can handle both PNG and JPG formats and can compress JPGs up to 60% and PNGs up to 80% with no loss of visual quality. It's easy to use and allows you to upload and compress up to 20 images at a time. 
  • Squoosh: This Google app is simple and visual to work with. You can upload your image and view the compression in real-time and there are lots of different formats to choose from. 
  • iLoveIMG: This tool not only compresses your images but also allows you to edit your image (such as rotate, crop, add a watermark etc.) 
  • To WebP: This is an online WebP conversion tool that converts images instantly. It offers several options to choose from (JPG to WebP, PNG to WebP, GIF to WebP, WebP to JPG, WebP to PNG, WebP to GIF)

By compressing your images before uploading them to your childcare.center page, you can ensure that they will load quickly and not take up too much space on the server.

How can I get help?

Here are some ways to get assistance if you have questions or run into trouble:

  • Using the online chat feature on the website
  • Sending a message to the support team through the contact page
  • Sending an email to [email protected]